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5 Mistakes that could kill your blog!!!


Blogging mistakes to avoid at all costs

If you are reading this article, I assume you already have a blog of your own. Maybe you know somebody who is making a ton of money from their blog, whilst you keep asking yourself “What’s wrong with my blog?”

You have been posting feverishly, you make sure to meet post length guidelines, keyword ratios and what not. However despite your best efforts the traffic just doesn’t show up. You then start losing interest and then one fine day your blog is no more.

In this article I will discuss about the mistakes that most bloggers make that kill their blog. If you want to succeed in the blogosphere make sure that you do not make these deadly 5 mistakes.

#1 Blogging without a plan

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail

It sounds cliche but it holds true for blogging. When you start a blog, you have to be clear on the niche of the blog. Without a niche, the audience won’t take you seriously. Just because you had an idea does not mean it publishable. Remember “Content is King”, publish only the best ideas that come to you. Blogging is not a sprint, it is a marathon Click To Tweet

When you are new, ideas come to you thick and fast. Your enthusiasm is at its peak and you want to publish almost every day. I would advise against that as it is difficult to keep that up in the long run and can lead to you quickly going off the rails. Stick to a publication schedule. WordPress Editorial Calendar can help you in that aspect.

Editorial Calendar

The web has evolved a great deal since its early days. Your blog does not need to be  wall of text anymore. Spice up your content with images, videos and infographics. Do you know

Include video in your posts

Plan the look and feel of your site as in my personal experience visitors will prefer good looking sites with mediocre content over ordinary sites with great content.

#2 Not building a subscriber list

People may or may not visit your blog every day, but they certainly will open their emails… Click To Tweet

Blogging is not just about acquiring new visitors day in day out. You also need loyal followers to keep your blog growing. When you publish a post, it is your subscribers that get you the initial traffic boost.

Email conversion rate

In the blogging world your real asset is your audience, avenues like Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are great for new asset acquisitions but your subscription list is the one that you can bank upon to monetise your blog. Higher conversion rates along with the ability to sell directly make building subscription list a lucrative opportunity.

#3 Not paying enough attention to social networking

The whole point of starting a blog is to share ideas with people. What better a place to do this than the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. If you are not on social media, then you have to rely heavily on search traffic or limit traffic to the people you know. But guess what search engines give a high weightage to your social presence.

Social media not only has higher conversion rates but will also present to you the pulse of your audience. Also remember

Link Building fails 95 percent of time

Just remember linking multiple social accounts to your blog will give you much needed credibility and visibility

#4 Ignore SEO

If you are not ranked first in Google then you are last Click To Tweet

Like it or not, you have to depend on search engines for a sizeable chunk of your site traffic. Now imagine the World Wide Web and the billions of sites hosted on it. The search engines crawl through all these sites and evaluate and rank them based on certain parameters.

SEO will help you to tweak your site such a way that it ranks higher in the search results. Higher ranking means greater traffic which in turn means more revenue. SEO becomes particularly important when you consider the fact that

Search Ranking

#5 Trying to fool the system

We just saw how important search rank is for a site.  Having said that it does not mean that you should engage in unethical practices like cloaking, link exchanging and keyword stuffing to boost your search ranking. Most search engines update their algorithm every now and then, penalizing users suspected to be guilty of such unethical practices.

If you are suspected of trying to fool the system, then you stand liable for a penalty resulting in diminished search rankings.


For all those who are yet to setup a blog, read my article How to start a blog in 5 steps

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    • You should start working on building subscribers ASAP. We don’t want miss those thought provoking posts of yours 🙂 Do subscribe to my blog too

  1. I loved the quotes and media/pictures you have in your post. So many important reminders! I think we spend so much time on SEO and Google, but Google will always be a monster no matter what we do.

  2. Great post! These tips are really helpful because sometimes there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not, or what will help your blog vs. what will harm it.

  3. I wish I would have known some of these things when I first started. The internet is huge, and getting your blog seen is a challenge. Since focusing on SEO, social media, and planning out every post, my blog has continually grown.

    • Thanks for the kind words. You have a got a pretty kick ass blog yourself 🙂 Do subscribe to my blog for awesome updates

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