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Can Twitter drive traffic to your website/blog?



Every webmaster I have known wants the same things

  • More Visitors
  • More Engagement
  • More social presence

We all know about twitter, it is a powerful marketing tool. Twitter can be great for brand building and driving insane amounts of traffic to your blog. I personally am a great fan of twitter. It can be a great source of traffic for your website while you go out there and expand your network.

Twitter has millions of users and you will find it particularly easy to find somebody that is interested in your content. Within no time you will have a loyal audience for your website/blog.

Inspite of twitter being such a wonderful tool, many people find it difficult to get enough eyeballs without being perceived as pushy or narcissist. I will offer you some great ideas on how to use twitter to get traffic for your website/blog whilst swelling your follower list.

Pay attention to your twitter profile

Ever heard of the saying “First impression is the last impression”, the same holds true for your twitter profile.  When you appear on someone’s stream the first thing they notice about you is the username, profile photo and may be your tweet.

Twitter Profile website
Update your website in your twitter profile

Anybody who has used twitter will know that it is a difficult task to get your header image right. In such situations something like CANVA can come in very handy.

Just like the web address of your site or blog, your twitter username has to be relevant to your niche. If you are sharing technical tips then your username should be something like Techguru, Techguide etc. This will help the twitterati find you easily when they search for something.

Invite people you know like friends and colleagues to your twitter handle. These will be your most loyal audience initially.

Look for users with same interests

Twitter is a social tool, social means you are expected to discuss stuff and take feedback. Look for users with similar interests and interact with them. More the friends, more the sharing and more the traffic.

Some of the tools which can help you achieve this include

Audiense: Lets you search for users based on location, bio and tweet history

Twitter Directories: These are great places to find new followers living close to you, influencers, as well as people with common interests. Some examples of such directories are Wefollow, Twibs, Tweetfind etc.

Engage with twitterati

Twitter has a diverse range of conversations, jump into whichever one appeals to you. Take into account the feedback given to you in response to your tweets. Follow up on any tweet that is well received by your audience.

Make your tweets count

Twitter is not just 140 chars of text.

Twitter can now accommodate all kinds of media from images to video. Use this to your advantage and create eyeball grabbing tweets. Make your tweets distinguishable from the crowd.

Improve Tweet Engagement

Make sure your tweets are interesting and filled with call to action words. If the user comes across your tweet he should be interested enough to click the link inside it to know more. Some pointers to creating compelling tweets is to phrase it as a question, Make it into a DIY headline or a How To headline.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are directly related to the engagement your tweet will receive. Hashtags used have to be related to the blog post you are aiming to promote. Inserting a hashtag allows tweets related to a particular topic to be found when people search on the tag or keyword.

Don’t spam your tweet with hashtags. I personally use less than 5. Too many hashtags can annoy some users .

You can use Hashtags to find trending tags related to your tweet.

Tweet regularly

Ensure that you are regularly active on twitter. Don’t just promote your content on twitter. If you come across anything interesting in your niche, be sure to tweet it, if you think your followers might benefit from it. Sharing other people’s content can be mutually beneficial for you in the long run.

Twitter gadgets

There are thousands of twitter gadgets released by the day. These can help get you additional followers. These followers might lead to additional followers which in turn mean more traffic for your blog.

Some interesting gadgets include TweetDis, Rotating Tweets, Minimalist Twitter Widget  etc.


Hope you guys liked the article. If you don’t have a blog/website yet then go through my previous post on How to start a Blog in 5 Steps. Do share your feedback in the comments section below.


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