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5 things to keep in mind while choosing a Domain Name


Domain Name

A domain name is the first link between your online audience and you. Proper thought and consideration must be given while selecting a domain name for your business. The domain name must have a high recall value and easy to promote. 

“Domain name is not just any name.  It is your online identity.”

These 5 tips will help you choose the best domain name for your website / blog.

Keep it short and simple (KISS)

Users prefer domain names that are short and easy to type. Too many abbreviations or misspellings in domain names confuse the audience making it harder to find your site. is a better choice than

Include relevant keywords

Domain names have a great impact on the search rankings of your website. Choosing a domain name containing keywords that are related to the business/service you are offering will rank your site higher in relevant searches and make more sense to your audience. If you are a tax expert then a domain name like will be a better choice.

Make it easily recognisable

When users hear your domain name, it has to immediately stand out and resonate with your product or service. Using hyphens or numbers in a domain name sound generic and should be avoided. is better than

Choose the right extension

Every URL has a domain extension. You have to choose a domain extension based on your requirement. E.g. A .com domain will be more suitable for a global audience whereas .in  extension might be more appropriate for an Indian audience.

Hurry Up

Domain Names are a hot commodity. If you have zeroed in on a domain name, make sure you buy it before somebody else does.



  1. You are right! If you found a domain you want hurry up and get it before someone else does. Nice and to the point post! Keep it up.

  2. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good, short and sweet domain name these days! I settled for my first and last name as my blog domain name. For my online store, I called it “Love Jojo” and I was lucky that it was available when I got it. For my second business, the domain name I wanted was taken but the person isn’t even using it. I settled for a and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to snatch up the .com of it when the domain squatter decides to let it go!

  3. I definitely agree with keeping it short and simple…. I have seen so many bloggers with words spelled differently or with various markings then when you try to find them it’s difficult… simpler is so much better … I would also recommend people keep the same name across all social media for their blogs… I have seen bloggers add a mark or extra letter to their blog name on social media and it’s almost impossible to find them…

  4. I am completely at sea when if cones to tech stuff. I wish that I knew all thus before setting up my website. This is knowledge filled. I can go back and correct certain things, thank you

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tip. Keeping Short and Simple is what I always tell people when they ask me about domain names. now I will have to add more based on your advice.

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