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EasyAzon4 – Triple Your Commissions from Amazon


EasyAzon4 Review

EasyAzon4 WordPress Plugin – Triple your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

EasyAzon4 is the WordPress plugin you will need if you are an Amazon affiliate or plan to become one.

Amazon is an international e-commerce company that provides online retail, computing services, consumer electronics, digital content as well as other local services such as daily deals and groceries all over the world. Amazon is the leading e-retailer in USA with close to 136 billion U.S. dollars in net sales. Amazon is one of the most valuable brands worldwide.

EasyAzon is the only tool I recommend  to deliver great results for any Amazon Affiliate niche site.

In this post we will be looking at the following points

  1. What is EasyAzon?
  2. Why you must have EasyAzon?
  3. How to use EasyAzon?
  4. What are the benefits of EasyAzon?
  5. Where to buy?

#1 What is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a premium plugin created by Chris Guthrie. Chris went from getting fired in 2009 to earning well over $150,000 in 2010 from the Amazon affiliate program and other income streams, and today makes his entire living online.

The EasyAzon plugin by Chris is a reflection of his real world knowledge of what works and what does not. The EasyAzon plugin allows you to insert links to Amazon products without moving away from your WordPress dashboard.

Anybody who has been an Amazon Affiliate will understand how tedious and cumbersome is the process of adding Amazon affiliate links inside your blog post. The latest version of the EasyAzon plugin is EasyAzon4 which has several enhancements that can possibly increase your affiliate earnings by 300%.

#2 Why you must have EasyAzon?

If you are the kind of person that hates working with website code then EasyAzon is the plugin for you.  With EasyAzon you can fully control all your Amazon affiliate links from the WP dashboard itself.  The EasyAzon plugin makes the following things possible.

  1. Open all affiliate links in a new window.
  2. Make affiliate links as “Nofollow”
  3. Amazon link cloaking for better SEO
  4. Popups for your affiliate links
  5. Add items to shopping cart
  6. Automatic link localization so that you do not miss out on international traffic

Buy EasyAzon4

#3 How to use EasyAzon?

Once EasyAzon is installed go to EasyAzon settings to configure your affiliate links. The settings mainly have 3 sections


Here you will enter your AWS credentials. If you do not have one, you can get one by creating an AWS account.  You will be needing an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, which you can find in the AWS account management page

Enter the above details into the EasyAzon plugin

EasyAzon4 AWS Credentials

Amazon Associates

Enter your Amazon Associate Tracking ID in this section. You can have a common tracking ID for all Amazon sites or you can create a different one for each site. The choice is yours

The tracking id can be found in Amazon Associates central page on the top right hand corner of the screen. Enter the same in the EasyAzon plugin.

EasyAzon Associates Tab

Search and Link Defaults

This section contains all the defaults that you want to set. E.g.  Make all affiliate links as nofollow or open links in a new tab.

EasyAzon4 Default Settings

Link Localization

This is one of the most important features of this plugin as it enables you to monetize the traffic coming from outside your country. What this means that if you are from the US and a  visitor from UK visits your site and clicks on one of your affiliate links, he will be taken to instead of Thus you can vastly improve the site’s earning potential.

EasyAzon4 link localisation

Once the setup is complete, inserting affiliate links is child’s  play. All you need to do is click a button.

EasyAzon4 Insert Link

#4 EasyAzon4 in action

Have a look at the links created by EasyAzon plugin. Click them to find out how they behave differently.

Apple iPhone 7 (Black, 32GB)
List Price:INR 49,000.00
You Save:INR 4,310.00
Price Disclaimer
Apple iPhone 7 (Jet Black, 128GB)

#4 What are the benefits of EasyAzon?

EasyAzon4 is a must have if you are looking to monetize your site using Amazon Affiliate program. EasyAzon will make a great deal of difference to your marketing income. I have been using the EasyAzon4 plugin and I can say it has greatly improved the revenue of my site.

What more, you get a 30 day trial and an affiliate guide worth 47$ free. Hurry up, grab one for yourself now.  

#5 Where to buy?

Buy EasyAzon4



  1. Great content, I dont use Amazon Affiliates but i have been meaning to look into this. I can see this would make it easier.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I’m wanting to start using Amazon Affiliates so this app will be great for me to download and utilize !!

    • Yes I can vouch for it. The whole process of affiliate marketing has been a breeze since I started using it. Definitely worth it

  3. I really benefited from that. As I start in the whole blogging thing I feel like posts like these are simple to follow so they’re the best cause they don’t confuse the shit of out me lol

  4. I really benefited from that. As I start in the whole blogging thing I feel like posts like these are simple to follow so they’re the best cause they don’t confuse me

  5. I guess I am missing out because I probably one of the few people not using affiliate links. This post has sparked my interest. I’m going to check into this and add this plugin.

    • Yeah a great way to monetize your blog. Also affiliate sales is so much more rewarding than Adsense. FYI, the plugin is awesome, I focus on blogging while it does the selling

  6. Ive just started blogging and started researching on affiliate marketing. Im in aust and waiting for amazon to jump start here. Cant wait until it does so i can try this. Thanx for sharing

    • If you have used affiliate links before you will understand how difficult and time consuming it is to keep track of all the affiliate links. As a blogger you want to concentrate on writing articles and not find affiliate links for different products. Also the international targeting feature is just awesome. Yes this not free, but good things rarely are. Are they not?

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