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Seven Secrets About Email Marketing That Has Never Been Revealed Before.


It does not matter if you are large site with thousands of daily visitors or a new blog which is just starting out, email marketing can help you connect with your customers and engage with them at a fraction of a cost as compared to other marketing channels.

Before we begin, here are some facts about e-mail

There are approximately 3 billion people using e-mail now (3 X more than facebook and twitter combined)

205 billion e-mails are exchanged everyday.

Every 1$ spent on email marketing can give you an average return of 40$

Social media marketing, SEO and all is great, but people are more likely to engage with you on email than on social media.

With this being said let us understand what is email marketing, how to do e-mail marketing and the tools available for e-mail marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Usage of email to engage with prospects or customers can be referred to as email marketing

The emails most of us get in our inboxes with titles like “Limited period offer” or “Deal for you” is an example of email marketing. It is a direct form of marketing aimed towards increased engagement with the customers and bring in repeat business. In the online world, customers are your real assets and e-mail is your direct line to them Click To Tweet

How to setup a successful email marketing campaign?

A successful email marketing campaign involves studying the audience and defining the message that you want to communicate. Your campaign should provide some value to the reader, else the message will be deleted even before it is read.

Here are my list of steps to set up a successful email marketing campaign

#1 Get a good list building software

When you want to build a kick ass email marketing campaign that will drive insane amounts of traffic to your site and boost conversion rates to stratospheric levels, you need a good email list building software.

Here are some programs that I recommend.

FLUTTERMAIL Fluttermail referral

#2 Build A Large Email List

Search engines and social media can send you a ton of traffic, but you must be wise and turn that traffic into a really huge subscriber list. This will be your go to destination when you want to get your word out.

To build a large email list, it is important that you place your email subscription widget where visitors are most likely to engage with it. A good place would be at the top of the site/blog, in the menu and in the footer.

Give people a good enough incentive in return for signing up for your subscriber list. Giveaways increase subscription engagement rates significantly. The better the giveaway, the higher the number of subscribers you can expect.

#3 Send A Welcome Mail To Subscribers

Almost all of the email marketing softwares today allow you to send a welcome mail to your subscribers. A welcome mail is a good way to build rapport with the visitors and ensure that you don’t come across as somebody who is 100% self promotional jerk.

A good welcome mail format can be similar to the one mentioned below

Hello <Visitor’s Name>

Welcome to our rapidly growing list of subscribers.

We will be sending you regular updates about awesome and easy ways to make money online, right from the comfort of your home. We hope this is a fruitful and a wonderful journey for you.

As promised here is your free e-book.


<CEO Name>

<Site URL>

**Please add this address to your safe list so that we don’t make it to the spam folder.

It is important that you get your address white listed, otherwise your mails run the risk of being blocked or ending up in the spam folder.

#4 Time Your Emails To Perfection

The whole purpose of sending emails is to have people reading them and hope to get click throughs that drive traffic to your site or generate sales revenue. To ensure you the get the most for your effort, you should send your emails Tue-Thu (8-10 AM local time).

All of the email marketing tools mentioned above, give you the option of scheduling your emails and also provide detail reports on open rates, click throughs etc. 

#5 Create An Attention Grabbing Subject

More than 90% of the people look at the subject line of the email and decide if its worth opening. Given this fact, it is important that you invest some thought into designing a catchy subject line for your emails.

A good subject line should

  1. Describe the contents of the e-mail
  2. Pique the readers interest and create a sense of urgency
  3. Provide an incentive for opening
  4. Not be all caps

Email open rates are significantly higher for people who write engaging subject lines.

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#6 Personalize The Email

Personalization starts with the email signup form. Ensure that it has all the fields you need to personalize your outgoing mail communication.

It is a good practice to send emails based on user preferences. Doing so will ensure that the reader opens the mail every time he receives one. A good email marketing software will allow you to send personalized mails to targeted audiences such as new customers, repeat customers, males only etc.

Set up automated behavioral mails e.g. Visitors who have not logged in since a long time. Also you can have separate landing pages for different customer segments to push conversion rates higher. A little time spent in personalizing your email marketing campaign can go a long way in getting the results you want. 

#7 Analyse Campaign Effectiveness For Future Improvements

All of the email marketing tools mentioned above provide a ton of data related to the efficacy of your campaign. Use the insights to fix any issues so that you can get better results in the future.

Final Word

Email marketing is a crucial component of any site. It is a cheap way to reach a wide audience and deliver targeted messages. However it is important to send a well thought out message so that it does not end up being marked as spam. Email marketing has the highest ROI among various marketing channels when used properly.


  1. Very good step by step instructions. Building and nurturing an email list takes time but when you get it right you have a gold mine. Its worth building it correctly and your article is huge in leading people to do it correctly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can see how email marketing would work. I know I send many emails out per day! I personally don’t have an email list though and I never join any other lists at the moment since I already get so many emails. No time to read them all!

  3. Thanks for sharing these points about email-marketing. I think it is so important to have an email-list, but also quite hard to get subscribers. I’m still struggling 😉

  4. This is a perfect post for my friend. She is just starting out and was asking me a few of these questions. I will have to share it with her.

  5. These are such great tips! I’ve really struggled to master the email marketing campaigns and it can be completely overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. One of the biggest issues I found was using the right programs!

    • Yeah, I have mentioned some good programs in this posts. All of these have trial periods, so you can try and see if they work for you

  6. I think I must be the only blogger who doesn’t have an email list for her website. I would love to do email marketing, but I just don’t have anything to market besides trying to get people to come to my site. If I ever get it figured out, this is a great post to get me started.

    • The whole point of email marketing is to get your word out to as many people as possible. In your case, if your sole objective is to get people to visit your site, you could use email marketing to send out sneak peeks of your new posts. Readers if they find the mail interesting, may click the link and come to your site to read the whole post, thereby increased traffic for you 🙂

  7. I find building my email list really hard so I definitely need to check out your programs that you suggested. I need to create an email opt in too. Would you say that pop up emails work better ?

    • Yes Ana, popups work way better than static text boxes. Also the success rate increases manifold if the popup offers some kind of give away as an incentive for subscribing

  8. I disagree. I am much more likely to interact with people on social media than through email. I only reply to emails if they asked me a direct question or if I want to work with them. I sent out a newsletter with my blog though but stopped doing it and I know I need to get back to it again. I’ll have to use the tips you mentioned.

  9. What an interesting article about email marketing. I have yet to set up a way for my blog readers to subscribe to my blog so I can collect email addresses. Thank you for the inspiration to get this done so I can begin marketing through emails.

  10. Great info on email marketing. I am admiting that I need to do a better job in this department I am still trying to grow my email list.

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