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Wikipedia Dead Link Replacement


Dead link replacement is the most effective white hat SEO strategy. This involves finding broken links and providing webmasters with your new and improved content for their broken links.

Backlinks and SEO

Backlinks are links on other websites that direct their users to your site. They are also referred to as “Inbound Links”.  When other websites link back to you for a certain topic/keyword, then you become more of an authority on the topic. It also is testament of your abilities, a recommendation in some sense. Search engines love to have pages which are highly recommended by others. So it is safe to assume that

Backlinks are the most important building blocks of your SEO strategy

Having made the above statement, you must remember “Not all links are created equal”. Backlinks from influencers, authoritative sites from your domain are far more valuable than backlinks from sites whose page rank is lower than yours. This is where Wikipedia comes in.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia. It sees billions of page views and has millions of users. An average of 800 new articles is added every day to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Statistics

What is Link Rot?

According to Wikipedia, Link rot (or link rot) is the process by which hyperlinks on individual websites or the Internet in general point to web pages, servers or other resources that have become permanently unavailable.

Dead Link Replacement in Wikipedia

We will now learn how to replace dead links in Wikipedia so as to get valuable backlinks in the process. Remember these are “Nofollow” in nature but are regarded very highly by search engines and can help boost your search rankings by a few notches.

Step #1 Find Wiki Pages that have dead links

There are various ways to find wiki pages with dead links. Below mentioned are 3 ways to do this

Wikipedia Dead Links Page

Wikipedia has a page for articles with dead links. The contents of the page are categorized alphabetically and lists out all articles with dead external links.

Wiki Dead Links Page

Search Google

In case you want to find wiki pages with dead links in your niche, Google can do the job for you. Just type the following in Google Search “Keyword of your choice” intext:”Dead link”

Find Dead links using Google Search

Online tools like Wikigrabber

Some online tools like Wikigrabber can make your task of finding Wiki pages with dead links even more easier.  You just need to enter keywords of your choice and it will list out all the pages for you.

Wikigrabber Tool for discovering dead wiki links

Step #2  Spot the Dead Link

Navigate to the Wiki page you have found in page 1. Press CTRL + F in your browser and search for “dead link”.

Spot Dead Links in Wiki

Step #3 Get More Bang

The whole purpose of doing this is to get valuable backlinks from Wikipedia through dead link replacement. If you want more bang for your buck, look for dead links that have multiple domains pointing to it. You can use any online tool of your choice to check referring domains to links on a page. Site Explorer is one such example.

Step #4 Find the Original Content

Once you have found the dead link, you need to find the original content of the page, so that you can provide a better alternative. You can use WayBack Machine for this.

Get Old Content from Internet

Step #5 Get BackLink from Wikipedia

Follow these steps to get a backlink from Wikipedia

Join Wikipedia as an Editor

Open Wikipedia and click on Create Account

Wikipedia create account

Fill in the necessary details

Wikipedia Registration

Login using your account and navigate to the page you want to edit. Click on edit

Edit Wikipedia Content

Make the necessary edits and save your changes. The changes will most likely have to be approved by a moderator. Once approved you have got yourself a valuable backlink.


All links in Wikipedia are nofollow links, but they will improve your SERP rankings. If Wikipedia is listening to you then Google will listen to you, because Wikipedia is an authoritative site. If you do this, then it should do a TON for your site’s SEO.

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